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The firm Capital Traders was established in 1969 and we started manufacturing Suit-Case locks which were then imported from China. We chose the Brand name of our products as “CHERRY” which name by that time was not adopted by any other business house in Pakistan, and to acquire sole proprietory rights of the name “CHERRY” we got it registered where after we introduced our all products with the brand name of “CHERRY”.

Here under we may explain the reason to adopt the Brand name “CHERRY” for our all products:

We read in a Magazine that a Poet once had the chance to sit under the Cherry tree. He found and felt the tree and its fruit so beautiful that he expressed his feelings saying “Had I found this tree earlier I would have liked to pass my whole life under this beautiful tree”.

Our above said products (the Suit-Case locks) gained so much popularity that many a number of people started manufacturing the Suit-Case locks and we could not stand against the price-wise thinking of our customers than quality. We, therefore, stopped the manufacturing of Suit-Case locks and started manufacturing steel furniture with Brand Name “CHERRY”.

We have supplied our furniture to Pak army, Government Colleges, the Auditoriums, to Schools and to number of Offices. Our supply of Cherry furniture includes House furniture, Office furniture and School furniture. Now we have started manufacturing the Hospital Furniture also.

We pray for providing best service to our worthy clients.

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